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The latest in Regge's series of Endless Mountains ghost stories is available on Amazon:

The Boy in the Toy Room: An Endless Mountains Ghost Story

Nora is haunted. She's haunted by the past, haunted by the future, and haunted by the boy in the toy room. Wanting desperately to fall back in love with her husband, Nora moves back to the country to work on building their dream home. Building dreams isn't easy, though: she'll have to fend off a drunken ex, contend with an interfering mother-in-law, and try to keep a battered rental house from falling down around her.

Meanwhile, someone has been breaking into the house, and her daughter's imaginary friend, the boy in the toy room, seems to be trying to burn the place down. While the men around her rage and bluster, it's Nora's job to hold things together and keep her daughter safe, whatever the cost. 


And don't forget Waking Up Dead: An Endless Mountains Ghost Story

If Deidra Shay had known she was dead, she might have made other choices -- but she didn't. When her best friend, Jesse, finds her body and is pulled away screaming and crying, Deidra follows her home and all hell breaks loose! Friends and family are pulled into a maze of love and sex, revenge and redemption as Jesse and Deidra struggle to figure out how to go on living after waking up dead. 

This is romance, a testimony to friendship, and one answer to what life might be like beyond the grave for both the person moving on and the people left behind.

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Marketing 101

The challenge for independent publishing is how to manage independent marketing. I find myself so busy trying to get Waking Up Dead: An Endless Mountains Ghost Story into money making mode that writing the next book, the most important action, is left in the dust.

Local marketing isn't the problem although there is always more to be done. I can drive to stores and those within the area are happy to carry a book by a local author. I have posted on FaceBook and sent links to my email contacts, done one on-line interview and will do another as soon as I figure out how to post it (technology has me stumped all too often). The Amazon free-Kindle promo worked in that over 2300 people downloaded my book and are presumably now reading it and talking about it. I have readings scheduled for the VFW, the Summerhouse Grill and the WH Library in Alpha, NJ. My sisters-in-law threw a fabulous book launching in Pompton Plains, NJ. Now it is figuring out how to reach a wider market -- one where no one knows me and I don't know any one.

Things I didn't know: those ads on FaceBook? They are paid by 'clicks' on the link. Although there are over 2 million people who are my demographic, the prospect of paying $0.85 every time someone just clicks up to a budget of $50.00 a day makes my hair and pocketbook stand on end.  That is not an affordable avenue. Let's say out of those 2 million people only 10 percent 'click'.  That would mean that 200,000 people looked at the book. Out of those 56,000 would have to buy it in order for me to just break even! The odds are not very good, do you think?

I can submit it to multiple contests, including Writers Digest for $100.00 or the New York Book Fair for $50.00 in hopes that I'll win or get honorable mention, and those are things that are on the possible list, but serve more to give me credibility than to promote sales.  How many people buy books because they have been mentioned by either of those? Of course those are both avenues to getting film makers to pay attention but how many books get made into films? Not many, although that is the Mecca for writers; movie rights are the pot-of-gold. It's like playing the lottery, though.

I set a goal to do one marketing activity every day and that seems to be effective. My problem is that I am running out of ideas.  Who will buy this book? Mostly women. Where do I connect with those women? Online, yes, but where else? Grocery stores, travel plazas, daytime TV shows -- where else?

I'm not discouraged and I haven't scratched the surface, but it is a lot of effort both physically and mentally. I have a goal and it's not an unreasonable one.  I want to sell 10,000 books this year. Most books only sell about 250 copies, but I'm already close to that (178 to date not counting the 2300+ downloaded for free) and this is 7 weeks into the life of Waking Up Dead.  Of course, I want what I want when I want it so -- what next?

In the long run I plan to sell 1 million books. That's a nice number. It's a huge number according to the statistics but -- aim for the stars, hit the fence; aim for the fence, land on your face -- right?

Okay. There are 43,000 people in Susquehanna County.  51% are women, so about 22,000. If less than 1/2 of the women in Susquehanna County buy Waking Up Dead,that makes my 10,000 goal for the year.  Since it's fairly certain that half of the women won't buy it (but many will!) I need to also tap the tourist trade and summer is coming.  Looks like I need to contact every little shop that caters to the lake crowd, and there are tons of them.  Yeap.  Blueberry Festival, Strawberry Festival, Old Home Days, travel plazas, gift shops -- look out World! Here I come! The nice thing about tourists is that they live somewhere else, so every time someone passing through needs a good read for the hotel or campsite, they take it home with them to almost anywhere and so my question about how to expand my market is answered, isn't it? Yes, indeed, it is!

I need a good personality, but I have a good personality, and years and years and years of selling and providing outstanding customer service.  One shop in Montrose - done. One shop in Great Bend/Hallstead - done. Time for Susquehanna, Thompson, Forest Lake, Elk Lake, Meshoppen, Tunkannock, Gibson, Harford, .... on and on and on.  The possibilities are endless.  Time to get to work.




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